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Lady Gianne’s “Magical Powder Recipes”

jasper-pagan-witch: Do not lose your mind again, do not lose your mind again, do not lose your mind again… Hello, my non-existent readers. So, I am a simple person. I see a book titled “Magical Powder Recipes”, I think it’s about drugs because that’s what is “in” these days. …That was a bad opening joke.Continue reading “Lady Gianne’s “Magical Powder Recipes””


info on tulpas/tulpamancy and their history in general : https://tulpa.io/history-of-tulpas , basically, its considered cultural appropriation because the original tulpamancy is tied to tibetan and indian buddhism..  ( also more info/sources: https://online.ucpress.edu/nr/article-abstract/19/1/87/70982/Tracking-the-TulpaExploring-the-Tibetan-Origins-of?redirectedFrom=fulltext ;  https://wiki.tulpa.info/wiki/Tulpa ;  &  https://religion.wikia.org/wiki/Tulpa )

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