Tin of Stickers

I kept this big tin can that used to have like hot cocoa in it; and i filled it with stickers I’ve been buying /collecting for different moods. so now when I journal and such, i can either collage my emotions with stickers or do things like, put one i associate with the writing/emotion besideContinue reading “Tin of Stickers”

What’s your master plan for taking over the world ?

Get rid of and/or hold hostage all manner of currency that currently exists in the world. Honestly. Just delete it or destroy it and make it hard for there to be any replacement made. – items/labor and etc. having no monetary value anymore, would force governments / people to re-evaluate costs/value of things. try inContinue reading “What’s your master plan for taking over the world ?”

music ramble I have figured out that my music playlist of songs I like (created on youtube) has a combined total of more hours of music then I could possibly fit in to listen to in a 24 hour timeframe, even if i listened to the music for the full day. ie. i wouldn’t beContinue reading

I can’t even.. I can’t even.. I feel a headache coming on. Like my brain physically is gonna ache. I just had to DEBATE what counts as reading. LIKE ||fuckers||, you’re on the internet. most content counts as reading, unless you’re using a text to speech or some other accessibility feature. or watching a videoContinue reading

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