Faerie Etiquette: What to do if you meet one of the Fair Folk

theforgottenlibrary: Okay, so it’s about 8pm and you’ve been stuck in the house/office/classroom/another-indoorsy-place-that-can-be-annoying-after-a-while and you think to yourself, ‘I could really do with a spot of fresh air’.  It being summer and only just dusk you decide to venture down the local nature track. What you may not realise is that this is prime faerieContinue reading “Faerie Etiquette: What to do if you meet one of the Fair Folk”

Offering Free Tarot readings

stubbornbudgie: Please be sure to read over these notes and guidelines, as they act as my rules for the readings being offered. These are as well my general information for how my readings are set up and will be given. General Notes: These readings are offered for Free. Anonymous asks will be always answered publicly.Continue reading “Offering Free Tarot readings”

“I’m a baby witch! What do I start learning?”

will-o-the-witch: Here’s a quick-and-dirty list of things that I think sets up a good foundation for someone moving forward with magic work and why. They’re also in order of what I think is best approached first. (For a time reference, I recommend the whole thing taking at LEAST a year, but individual steps and overallContinue reading ““I’m a baby witch! What do I start learning?””

The Various Types of Rituals

hexnvex: The Opening/Closing Frame: – Opening rites (cleansing, calling the quarters, casting the circle) – Closing rites (cakes and ale, closing/dismissing the quarters, taking down the circle) Leave room in the middle for adding whatever magical work needs to be done. The Sabbats: Sabbat rituals form from the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and articulateContinue reading “The Various Types of Rituals”


fallout-and-dragon-age: You’re my: buddy, pal, and the adultiest-adult I turn to. How I met you: we met through Discord, if I remember correctly. I think we were looking for elder witches and you joined to help us out? Why I follow you: you’re very smart and it’s cute to see you and your husband throughContinue reading ““♧“”

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