Lady Gianne’s “Magical Powder Recipes”

jasper-pagan-witch: Do not lose your mind again, do not lose your mind again, do not lose your mind again… Hello, my non-existent readers. So, I am a simple person. I see a book titled “Magical Powder Recipes”, I think it’s about drugs because that’s what is “in” these days. …That was a bad opening joke.Continue reading “Lady Gianne’s “Magical Powder Recipes””

unfashionablehousewife: Hi, full fucking offence but: The point of older and / or better researched, more historically oriented practitioners pointing out the historical inaccuracies in modern lay information, and pressuring people to learn the legitimate academic history of their religion and its traditions, isn’t to say “you can’t practice them because they’re not ancient; you’re justContinue reading

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