Shingles Update

It isn’t as bad as it could have been, i heard others who don’ t get it checked the first time, and all, have flares ups that are worse spread, but it’s definitely more sore and painful that i ever would have guessed. you just feel tender and every time you move, you feel achesContinue reading “Shingles Update”

SAFE Space – What I mean/What that means for You

I have absolutely no problem blocking you or your blog, if you’re found to be harmful. And, that is Whether harmful to me directly or to the community, at large, or even to my followers, in general. I will also gladly report you, as needed. My blog is a safe space, or meant to be,Continue reading “SAFE Space – What I mean/What that means for You”

stubbornbudgie: This is not my week. Monday I broke out in a rash. Finally got a ride to express care today. Found out I have Shingles. Sigh. Lol. Thanks, childhood chickenpox. update on the shingles thing – At least I got an anti-viral to help slow it a bit as far as the rash itselfContinue reading

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