I kept this big tin can that used to have like hot cocoa in it; and i filled it with stickers I’ve been buying /collecting for different moods. so now when I journal and such, i can either collage my emotions with stickers or do things like, put one i associate with the writing/emotion besideContinue reading

Power in the Silence

Dreaming of the darkness, Twisting so high above, so far belowthere’s a spark screaming from within, underneath the skinTime to let it sleep, tell me that it was real and could not heal,even as I am staring far down into it’s very soul. It is my own. You have no answer for the blackness youContinue reading “Power in the Silence”

To You

I won’t start out with thank you, as I’ve thanked you many times. I won’t start out with I love you, though you know I do in every way. Instead, I want you to know I am happy for your patience, for your time you spend with me. I am happy for your smiles, andContinue reading “To You”


“In the chest of us all lies the glow of light or darkness Here lies the fire of each man’s heart Here is the fire that burns brightly And not always quietly It will go out in a blink of an eye Yet holds strong against the wind for most For some, it is takenContinue reading “Soulfire”

fallout-and-dragon-age: If y’all want advice on writing a witch character, a pagan character, an aromantic character, an asexual character, a nonbinary character, or a genderfluid character, feel free to send me an ask (NOT A DM) with any questions (no matter how “dumb” you think it is) and I’ll do my best to answer it! ThisContinue reading

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